My name is Shaunee and I am a registered (NHS) midwife. When I’m not busy catching babies, you can find me snuggled on the sofa with our sausage dog (Loki) or taking a trip to the beach.

It’s always been a wee pipeline dream of mine to facilitate antenatal classes, so I’m so glad I found The Real Birth Company! After recently completing their teacher training, I have begun offering their Real Birth Workshop online (for the time being)

I’ve always loved antenatal education because of the connection it provides pregnant people to midwives. I enjoy taking the time to talk to pregnant people, listen to their concerns and empower them to understand their own body and baby. I also feel antenatal classes are valuable as it provides a safe and supportive environment for pregnant people to connect and chat with each other. For me personally, I love being able to answer all your (not silly!) questions and watching as you get excited about the birth of your baby!


I can’t wait to start teaching The Real Birth Workshop…and i can’t wait to meet all your gorgeous bumps!

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