Hi, I am Jay, a Real Birth Workshop teacher, a Birth & Postnatal Doula, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP and Mindfulness teacher.

I have worked supporting birthing families for 16 years, as well as carrying my own four babies (now big teenage babies, including twins) I have also been a surrogate carrier for friends, and birthed their two babies as well. 6 babies over 5 births!

My specialist area is working with families with previous trauma, and The Real Birth Workshop is a game-changer alongside some trauma relief work. Having a true understanding of how your body works, and what you & your birth partner can do to make a difference in various scenarios is life-changing.

I am a Birth & Postpartum Doula, and I have been a practising Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP & EFT practitioner, specialing in birth for 13 years,

Currently running online groups as well as private sessions for individuals.

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