Hello my name is Debbie Linger and I am a private midwife supporting women within a continuity model with experience of home and hospital births.  I have also been an holistic Gentle Birth practitioner for more than 10 years and involved in birth education throughout this time and have had the pleasure of seeing women stepping into their confident selves with knowledge of birth.

I am delighted to be able to bring this innovative style of antenatal education from the Real Birth Company to new parents through monthly group workshops and a bespoke couple course.  The course adds a new dimension to birth education and aids understanding of the physiological processes.   I recognise it is important to offer birth information that it accurate and can be recalled during the birth process while also being fun to participate in.   This course provides all of this.  The style of language complements hypnotherapy classes and will add to your understanding of birth.

It gives me pleasure to support women in their understanding of their feminine body’s wisdom and to capture that knowledge to inform them about choices and enhance their birth process, whilst building understanding and confidence for birth partners

I will be hosting small groups with colleagues in East London, Wanstead and Woodford, Waltham Forest, and Croydon providing The Real Birth Company training every 4-6 weeks.   A bespoke class can be arranged on request.

Every new baby adds a new dimension to the family, so even if this baby is not your first, I can help you discover your birth mojo!  Please contact me for class details in your area.


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