Hi. I’m Annie and I live in St. Day ,Cornwall.  I am a mum to  4 year old identical twin boys who have kept me busy over the last few years!

In November 2019 I completed my doula training with conscious birthing. This was a trauma informed 5 day course and opened new doors for me. It ignited a passion for family centred support, and the importance of being there for women during such a  pinnacle moment in their lives. I am now a mentored birth doula with Doula UK and I am also part of the charity Doulas Without Borders, offering more vulnerable groups of women free support during their birth journey.

I am excited to have trained to be a real birth teacher with the Real Birth Company. This antenatal course allows parents to be to gain a real insight into what happens to women’s bodies during birth, and the evidence based information throughout the course promotes learning  that will inform a woman of her rights and powers during birth and beyond. As a real birth practitioner I hope to empower parents so that they approach birth more confidently and without fear.

I offer private 1:1 sessions and also can run small group workshops. The training can fit in with the families lifestyle, as I hope that I can reach all birth partners who wish to attend. I believe that it is important for both women and her chosen birth partner, to share the antenatal education so that they can hold the birth space informed of each other’s needs and wants.

I have worked with young parent families for several years so would like to offer this group a dedicated service. If this is you then please be in touch and don’t let cost be a barrier.

I am also happy to offer the real birth workshop as part of my doula package so please be in touch if you would like a spectrum of services.

My wish is to support all families who want to gain knowledge leading up to the arrival of their birthing day, and aim to provide them with confidence and excitement.

I cover all of Cornwall, just be in touch and we can make a plan.

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